Learn the dark arts of market making

Masterclasses for market makers and algo traders, taught using the open source Hummingbot framework.

Live Instruction

Online live sessions taught by Hummingbot core maintainers

Advanced Strategies

Learn how to build and deploy new Hummingbot V2 strategies

1-on-1 Mentorship

Get help from professional market makers on your strategy

Professional Certification

Propel your career with Hummingbot certification

Join Engineers and Traders from Top Institutions

Stories from Botcamp Graduates

"Botcamp helped me utilize Hummingbot to its fullest, and I finally grasped the nuances of the cross-exchange market making strategy!"

Toby, Germany

"I'm a software engineer, so learning the trader mindset, hedging, and how to navigate the DeFi jungle were important to help me grow as an algo trader!"

Alex, Singapore

"Coding was just a hobby, but then I found that I can make money from it. Now, I run Hummingbot to support my family's needs!"

Viktoria, Russia

Hummingbot is open source software that helps you create and deploy high-frequency crypto trading bots

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What You'll Learn

Build powerful strategies in basic Python

Hummingbot's new V2 strategies framework lets you compose sophisticated, backtestable strategies with only a basic knowledge of Python required.

Hummingbot V2 Strategies

Master various types of trading strategies

Botcamp courses contains hours of video with step-by-step instructions on how to design and code different algo trading strategies

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Earn your Hummingbot certification

Build a valid strategy to your Hummingbot V2 Strategy Developer certification and start picking up dev bounties

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Your Friendly Botcamp Instructors

Michael Feng, Hummingbot Co-founder

Michael co-founded CoinAlpha, the company behind Hummingbot, and wrote the Hummingbot whitepaper in 2019. Previously, he spent 7 years in credit derivatives at JPMorgan and Citigroup, where he structured some of the CDOs featured in The Big Short. Michael lives in California, USA. 

Federico Cardoso, Hummingbot CTO

Federico is the CTO of Hummingbot Foundation. In addition, he teaches Machine Learning and Big Data at the University of Buenos Aires. Previously, he was a quant trader at CTF Capital, a hedge fund that specialized in high-frequency market making. Federico lives in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Answers to Your Burning Questions 

During a 5 week cohort, students get access to 5 online live instruction sessions (90 min) and 3 mentor office hour sessions (60-90 min). They also get access to private #botcamp Discord channels.

Botcamp live sessions are designed to allow students to attend from anywhere. Live sessions are held at 2-3pm UTC, a time that enables participants from Europe, Asia, and Americas to join live. All sessions are recorded, transcribed, and posted on the Botcamp platform within 24 hours after each session.

We understand that you might get busy. You can defer your enrollment to the next quarterly cohort for free until after second weekly live session. After the second live session, no deferrals are allowed.

Botcamp students have lifetime access to their course content and live session recordings.

Botcamp students have lifetime access to their course content and live session recordings.

The primary course content and weekly live sessions are in English, and recordings have English subtitles. Students can choose to be assigned to Botcamp mentors who are fluent in other languages such as Mandarin Chinese, Vietnamese, and Russian.

Botcamp courses, in-depth tutorials on various types of algo trading strategies, start at $199. Purchasers receive lifetime access to all course content, videos, and quizzes.

Botcamp cohorts, 5-week bootcamps that certify students in developing algo trading strategies, start at $2000. Students can receive discounts for registering early.

Yes, we offer discounts for teams signing up 3 or more seats for Botcamp! Email operations@hummingbot.org and provide information about your team size to learn more.

We understand that thigns change. You can defer your enrollment to the next quarterly cohort for free until after second weekly live session. After the second live session, no deferrals are allowed.

It’s understandable that plans can change. You can cancel up to 2 weeks before the cohort starts for a full refund. Afterwards, a 20% cancellation fee will apply. No refunds will be granted for cancellations made after the first live session.

Past Botcamp graduates have:

- Landed a trading job at a crypto market making firm

- Ran a market making bot for their own token

- Built a consistently profitable trading strategy

- Partnered with other Botcamp members to work on projects together

- Become a mentor in future Botcamp cohorts

Yes! Botcamp members have created many of the Community Scripts in the official Hummingbot codebase, and students continue to contribute code and earn dev bounties after they earn their certificate.

Since the entire Hummingbot codebase is open source, anyone can actually build the same algo trading strategies that we teach in Botcamp for free

For that reason and in order to provide a great experience to all paying students, we currently do not offer any scholarships or discounts to Botcamp cohorts.

For all Botcamp purchases, you receive an invoice that describes the program. Depending on your company policies,  you may be able to expense the program from your company's learning or development budgets.

Yes, we accept major stablecoins, BTC, and ETH across a variety of blockchain networks. To arrange a crypto payment for a Botcamp cohort or course, please email operations@hummingbot.org.

Join a global community of algo traders

Botcamp students and the global Hummingbot community hang out on Discord.  Ask us anything in the #botcamp-public channel!

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Craft a custom Botcamp for your organization

For larger institutions who want to train a larger cohort of students, contact us to learn about custom-designed Botcamp cohorts that may focus on specific topics, strategies, or exchanges.