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What is a BOTCAMP cohort?

A 5-week intensive bootcamp that teaches students to design, code, and deploy a custom algo trading strategy.

Each cohort culminates in a Demo Day where students present their strategies to earn certification.

 Coding was just a hobby, but then I found that I can make money from it. Now, I run Hummingbot to support my family's needs and serve as a Botcamp mentor! 


Professional-grade training for algo traders and market makers

Over 5 weeks of live instruction and mentorship, participants learn how to design and deploy powerful, sophisticated strategies from the ground up using Hummingbot's new V2 Strategies Framework.

Hummingbot V2 Strategies ↗

Live Sessions

Instruction from Hummingbot core maintainers

Office Hours

1-on-1 Coaching from Expert Mentors

Create Strategy

Build a powerful Hummingbot V2 Strategy

Demo Day

Submit a valid strategy to win prizes and earn certification

Cohort Schedule by Week

  • Hummingbot Installation and Setup
  • Book 1:1 Support Sessions

Week 1

Live Session 1: Welcome to Botcamp
  • Botcamp Overview
  • Intro to Hummingbot
  • Running Scripts in Hummingbot
  • Types of Algo Trading Strategies


Form Teams
  • Team Formation
  • Submit Strategy Idea

Week 2

Live Session 2: 
Intro to V2 Framework
  • Architecture Walkthrough
  • Controllers
  • Executors
  • Mentor Assignments
Meet Your Mentor

Get 1:1 help on your strategy from your mentor during their office hours

Week 3

Live Session 3:
V2 Framework in Detail
  • Candles and External Data
  • Backtesting
  • Optimization
  • Deploying in Production
Attend Office Hours

Get 1:1 help on your strategy from your mentor during their office hours

Week 4

Live Session 4: Guest Lecture

Guest lecture from a professional market maker or another industry practitioner

Submit Strategy

Attend final mentor office hours and submit your strategy code and demo video

Week 5

Live Session 5: Demo Day

Watch everyone's demo videos and vote for the top strategies across various categories


Earn Certification

Students who submit validated strategies receive professional Hummingbot certification

Strategies Built by Past Students

Cohort Pricing

Over the course of 5 weeks, Botcamp instructors and mentors teach a small batch of students how to build and deploy a custom algorithmic trading strategy using Hummingbot. Students who submit a validated strategy receive Hummingbot certification.

Certified V2 Strategy Developer

Build a Hummingbot V2 Strategy

  • Early Bird Student $1499
  • Regular Student $1999

Register for April 2024 cohort

Certified Market Maker

Build a CEX or DEX market making strategy with Hummingbot

  • Early Bird Student $2399
  • Regular Student $2999

Register for June 2024 cohort

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We hold a regular Botcamp Info Session and AMA to answer questions from prospective students.