Market Making Strategies: Providing Liquidity with Hummingbot


Advance your skills in algorithmic trading with this 4-hour course, focusing on market making strategies using Hummingbot, the leading open source framework for building crypto market making bots. 

Explore sophisticated techniques to provide liquidity and manage risks, powered by hands-on activities, expert interviews, and detailed quizzes that prepare you for real-world trading scenarios!

What You'll Learn

  • Foundations of Market Making: Dive into what market making entails, the criteria for selecting optimal markets, and foundational risk management techniques.
  • Development of a Pure Market Making Strategy: Learn how to build a basic yet powerful two-sided market making strategy, from conceptualization to deployment.
  • Advanced Avellaneda Strategy: Master handling inventory risks and adjusting strategies in response to market volatility, integrating real-time data for dynamic strategy optimization.
  • Professional Insights: Extract valuable lessons from interviews with top market makers to understand the nuances of liquidity provision.

Course Features

  • Interactive Quizzes: Challenge your understanding with quizzes designed to reinforce each lesson, rewarding progress with experience points.
  • Practical Challenges: Implement your knowledge in real-world settings by enhancing market making scripts with advanced data utilization.
  • Exclusive Interviews: Access wisdom from industry experts, providing a deeper grasp of effective strategies and market behaviors.

Your Instructors

Who This Course is For

  • Crypto traders aiming to excel in providing market liquidity.
  • Developers looking to specialize in the intricate field of market making algorithms.
  • Finance and technology students and professionals desiring advanced knowledge in trading bot applications and market dynamics.

Challenge Yourself

Engage in a comprehensive capstone challenge by adapting a market making strategy to include a price activation limit parameter. This sophisticated feature ensures your strategy activates only under optimal market conditions you define, blending the theoretical with the practical. This final project not only solidifies your understanding of intricate trading mechanisms but also arms you with a versatile strategy tailored for immediate application in diverse market environments.

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