Introduction to Crypto Algorithmic Trading with Hummingbot

Dive into the world of crypto algorithmic trading with this dynamic 4-hour course that helps you learn how to run and customize trading strategies using Hummingbot, the leading open source crypto algo trading framework. This course goes beyond traditional trading methods to offer hands-on experience in building and customizing a sophisticated VWAP trading strategy. Test your knowledge with quizzes and practical homework challenges that ensure that you learn how to but apply key concepts in real-world scenarios.

What You'll Learn

  • Core Algo Trading Principles: Grasp the essentials of algorithmic trading, including terminologies and concepts that govern how crypto centralized and decentralized exchanges work
  • Tools of the Trade: Set up and master the open source Hummingbot framework from a technical standpoint, gaining the confidence to customize and extend its capabilities.
  • Types of Algo Strategies: Understand the differences between the main algorithmic trading strategies - arbitrage, market making, directional, and more!
  • Specialized Focus: Construct and deploy a Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) strategy from scratch, then enhance it with bespoke modifications to suit varied trading goals
  • Real-World Application: Each module includes practical exercises that transition seamlessly into real trading environments, ensuring skills are market-ready.

Course Features

  • Interactive Content: Engaging video tutorials, hands-on homework challenges, and gamified quizzes to consolidate learning.
  • Expert Instruction: Learn from pioneers in the field, including Michael Feng and Federico Cardoso, whose insights and experiences are integral to the course.
  • Pre-work for Botcamp cohorts: Complete this course to prepare for the intensive experience of going through a Botcamp cohort and building your own custom trading strategy


  • A foundational understanding of cryptocurrencies and general trading principles.
  • Basic knowledge of Python and familiarity with command-line interfaces (Bash/Terminal).
  • A computer with internet access, capable of running the latest Hummingbot software.

Your Instructors

Who This Course is For

  • Aspiring crypto traders looking to automate and optimize their trading strategies.
  • Developers eager to delve into the rapidly evolving world of algorithmic trading.
  • Students and professionals aiming to acquire cutting-edge skills in trading technologies and market dynamics.
  • Botcamp Cohort Pre-work (1/3)

Challenge Yourself

The course culminates in a capstone challenge where you'll apply everything learned by customizing the VWAP strategy with a price_activation_limit parameter, which allows you to delay its activation unless the price reaches your desired threshold.

This challenge not only tests your understanding of the base strategy and how to extend its functionality using Hummingbot, but also prepares you for successful real-world trading by providing you a practical utility strategy that you can use in your daily course of trading.

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