[Garry Tan] What is Hummingbot?

Do you ever feel powerless? That your life is driven by tyranny and control by large faceless institutions that don’t care about you? Now DAOs, open source, and decentralized finance mean YOU can participate in things that once was only the domain of Wall Street Billionaires. We all get a piece of the pie now. Hummingbot: https://hummingbot.io DAO: https://hummingbot.org Work for Hummingbot: https://hummingbot.io/en/about/#careers 00:00 Taking back control 01:11 What’s a DAO? 03:20 What is Hummingbot? 06:06 What the Hummingbot DAO does 08:29 Decentralized Finance 10:01 Get involved with Hummingbot! I’m Garry Tan, venture capitalist and founder at Initialized Capital. We were earliest investors in billion dollar startups like Coinbase and Instacart, and I’m a Forbes Midas List Top 100 venture capitalist in the world. We want these videos to be about helping people build world-class teams and startups that touch a billion people. Our startups have gone on to create more than $200 billion in market value so far, and Initialized has over $3.2B in assets under management. Please like this video and subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos like this! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram so you'll never miss my videos and ideas— https://instagram.com/garrytan​ https://twitter.com/garrytan​

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